IT Operation & Maintenance in Afghanistan

With ICT services rising each day, the need for operation and maintenance is a must to maintain the equilibrium in processes of smother business operations. Today, more and more businesses are relying on quick and hassle-free ICT functions to stay competitive in today’s highly globalized world and to ensure customer satisfaction through prompt and quality customer service. Thus, whether your requirement is for internal IT support or a comprehensive IT function management, We offer unparalleled cost-effective maintenance services in the whole Afghanistan region. It will over help a more extensive customer base to keep your company’s operational productivity and credibility at the core of its priority portfolio.

IT Maintenance in Afghanistan

We provides preventive maintenance services for prolonged life of the plant as well as timely and optimized maintenance by experienced field engineers with accumulated know-how based on approximately 3,00 repair works conducted every year. Offered services are in compliance with management systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001. Our maintenance services enable; ■Reduction of life cycle cost ■Safe and stable operation of the facility ■Transfer of technical know-how

IT Operation in Afghanistan

We provides high-quality operation services at optimum cost by professional operators and management systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and under reliable support network with accumulated know-how based on experience in many worksites nationwide. Our operational services enable; ■Safe and stable facility operations ■Reduction of operational cost ■Transfer of operational know-how