Fiber Optic Solutions in Afghanistan

We provide conventional cabling solutions that compliment the deployment of optical solutions deeper into the network delivering a future-proof infrastructure. We have highly skilled and trained fiber optic technicians using state-of-the-art tools and test equipment to ensure that your fiber optic cabling is installed proficiently with optimal end faces on every connector. Our highly trained and skilled team can install and test any type of field connector or fusion splice any factory pigtail desired. We stay on top of new fiber optic products and practices so we can continuously meet the growing demands for optical fiber installations.

Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions: Connecting You to the World

For businesses, fiber optic technology has become a major player in providing stable connections throughout the office. Traditional Ethernet lines are great for short distances, but in office environments where the workspace can span multiple stories and thousands of square feet, providing a strong, cost-effective data infrastructure can necessitate fiber-optic speed and reliability. Fiber optic cable installation is more important and the optic cable is significantly more durable and can handle the rigors of installation in an office.
  • OFC Installation, Digging including splicing and blowing
  • SDH Equipment installation, Configuration and maintenance.
  • FDDI (Computer network through OFC).
  • Video conference system.
  • Ethernet service through OFC
  • LAN network connectivity and ducting
  • WAN network connectivity

We are an accomplished organization which has gained name and fame in providing Optical Fiber Solution Services.

Our technical superiority provides you with the best end to end fibre optic solutions. Our technical knowledge on fibre optic solutions is vast and strong. You can explore it to take advantage in making the communication and other work processes easy and affordable.