EXPORT & IMPORT in Afghanistan

Along with our International Logistics services, we provide customs clearance services by highly-trained individuals, licensed and entrusted by the Afghan Govt.
We haveofessional team in understanding Afghan export / Import regulations enables us offer comprehensive Customs Clearance service for shipments exporting / Importing to all countries and helps clients faster to clear all customs related matters, they know as well rules and regulation of local custom and accommodate customers accordingly.

One time importer or regular, We are here to Help!

Our staff members are ready to respond quickly to customer needs in the internationalized transport business. These staff members cover all import/export procedures ranging from receiving of freight, various procedures required in bonded areas, preparation of import/export documents, application for marine insurance and sea/land transport.


  • Custom Clearance of both Import and export shipments
  • Guidance and consultancy on pre and post shipment services
  • Documentation procedures i.e. preparation and handling of documents
  • All pre & post shipment formalities and endorsements
  • Processing all types of Bill of Entries & Shipping Bills as per the various schemes
  • Certification from various Govt. bodies

Our Customs clearance services ensure a smooth and transparent transportation process

With our commitment to delivering customer service excellence,  we work hard to make international shipping fast, straightforward and stress-free for you at every stage of the transit.