Telecom Services and Solutions in Afghanistan

Optic Communications works on different projects with Network operators, International companies for Third party applications/VAS, Government and Non-government organizations and other private organizations.

Optic Communications works to acquire all business opportunities in Afghanistan to be in long term Leading solution and services Provider Company to their clients in Afghanistan.

Optic Communications targets new strategic alliances aimed at increasing the scope of the

Monitored, and checked its quality and milestones

Business as a multi-faceted in their services and project-to-project. Optic Communications internally identify which activities or services are matching our client’s purposes and suitable for initiation or development in Afghan Market. We decide internally which of the existing activities are suitable for this kind of development or where there are good opportunities for initiating new ventures that are suitable for a partnering approach and will meet its long term objectives. We also work on many projects that can be very large and are managed,