Shah Mohammad Ormar

Shah Mohammad Ormar son of Gul Mohammad Ormar is From Taqi village Barki Barak district Logar province.

He started his elementary school from Imam Abu Hanifa school and graduated from Shaheed Mohammad Nasim High school in the year of 1999.

He has started a Bachelor study in Rana University in 2012 and graduated from the faculty of Bachelor in Business Administration in 2016.

He has started his first job in Iqra Enterprises Medicine Company in 2000 as sales Man ended his job as Sales Regional Manager in 2005.

He has worked in many companies in different positions and fields of Engineering, Translation, Marketing Sales and Administrative section, Recently He is working with Optic Communications as Business Development and Operation Manager 15 years’ experience of sales and administrative section.

+93770 68 90 90

+93784 68 90 90

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